Delighted Guests

There’s no greater feeling than after guests have arrived and expressed their delight with what they see in the apartment, it make’s all the hard work that’s gone into setting the apartment up and marketing it pale into insignificance. Much work has gone on in the background prior to the arrival of our first guests, from refurbishing the apartment, buying furniture and marketing etc, so to see the positive reactions from guests when they arrive is worth it’s weight in gold.

However, our two most recent sets of guests have both asked to extend their stays at the apartment and I think this beats the joy from seeing their reaction on arrival. By asking to extend their stay at the apartment, this is a great indicator that we must be doing something right, thankfully during this low season period we’ve been able to accommodate the requests for extra nights, later on in the season it could prove tricky.

Bookings are coming in from guests who are here on business and want a spacious apartment to relax in as opposed to a hotel room, families are using it as a base to explore the surrounding area during the holidays and we’ve quite a few short break bookings which seems to be the current trend locally.

Keep an eye on our availability page for available dates, this is updated daily so guests have an accurate picture of when the apartment is available.


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