Welsh Mountain Zoo

Not too far away above the town of Colwyn Bay is the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

We recently went on a day out to the zoo to see what had changed as it had been over 10 years since our last visit and although they may not have a large array of different animals what they did have were interesting enough.

After parking in the car park, (which you’ll never find yourself too far from, ideal for families that don’t want to be carting things around with them) we headed straight for the Californian sea lions as they were nearest to us.

The sea lions were in a playful mood whilst interacting with a staff member, who told us what time to come back later on in the day to see more of their training. We wandered around the zoo, where we saw Flamingos, Wallabys and Lemurs, admired the views towards Conwy & Llandudno before heading by the Chimpanzees to go for a coffee in the Penguin cafe. A quick coffee break turned in to lunch, where we had a toasted cheese and pickle sandwich whilst overlooking the the Penguins who were lining up ready to take part in the daily penguin parade.

After our tasty lunch, we headed outside to watch the Penguin parade, which was a great experience to see the penguins up close.

We spent the next few hours exploring the other areas of the zoo, with another shady rest to enjoy an ice cream, before heading past the newborn Camel on our way back to the car.

If you’d like to visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo whilst staying at the apartment but have come by train or bus, it’s still easy to get to; simply head to Colwyn Bay station and wait for the complementary mini bus which runs every 30 minutes, click on the link below for admission times/ prices and details for the mini bus etc:

Opening Times and Prices

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